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The following #lockdownlipsync video was created by Jennifer Silva, during the Coronavirus Quarantine of 2020. Jennifer and 44 of her friends, family, band members and voice students, all separated by mandatory social distancing and isolation, came together through this song. Each person recorded their respective part from their homes, on their phones, and this heart-warming, low-fi, and very timely, lip-sync compilation was the result.  

Living separately, but still connected.



Fall 2020 release

Tracking is underway at Vinegar Hill Sound, where Jennifer Silva is recording her next full-length album with Reed Black as Producer and Engineer, once again. New material and songs from the last year of performances will be on this record, showcasing a different, darker side to Jennifer's music. Taking inspiration from witchcraft, voodoo, tarot cards, midieval queens, and fierce, savage women, this record celebrates the strong, multi-dimensional, female spirit. These songs are about the ladies who weren't and won't be held back by tradition or habit. The ones who smash ceilings and cast spells on their enemies.

Jennifer's music finds poetry in paradox and celebrates the saint and sinner in all of us.


Women's Series

Jennifer Silva was featured in documentary photographer, Abby Moskowitz's "Women's Series" -- a year-long photography project featuring 11 women, living and working in Brooklyn, NY.  Moskowitz followed Jennifer throughout the year, documenting personal and professional moments and the series will culminate in an exhibition and book in 2020. The Series can currently be viewed on Instagram.

All reproduction of these photos must be approved by Abby Moskowitz (

PERFORMANCE VIDEO: Highlights from Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2

Highlights from 10 songs performed on August 16, 2019 at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 2. 

Video by Chris Silva

Record Release Show at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC!