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JENNIFER SILVA is a New York City-based singer-songwriter. She is a dynamic vocalist and performer with emotional, evocative lyrics. 

Influenced by powerhouse vocalists like Stevie Nicks, Aretha Franklin, and Tori Amos, and by bands like The Rolling Stones, Florence + The Machine and Alabama Shakes, Jennifer brings a sensual, soulful —yet electric— energy to the stage. She captivates her audiences with the stories she tells, and with her strong voice and organic sound. Lyrically, Jennifer explores the poetry in paradox — recognizing the saint and the sinner in all of us.  Her trademark feather earrings are inspired by her connection to birds of prey —specifically, the red-tailed hawk that landed on her balcony one cold morning in Brooklyn, and stared at her for ten minutes. That intense moment between them resonated, and the feathers she wears have come to represent confidence, beauty and strength. 

Jennifer’s music has been praised as “lyrically powerful” (The Chimera Magazine) and her live show leaves attendees “transfixed by her soulful voice, and fun personality”. A recent music blog review lauded her performance as “so good, I immediately stopped everything I was doing and paid attention to what was happening on stage”.  

Jennifer performs throughout New York City with her five piece band and is currently recording her third album, at Vinegar Hill Sound with Producer and Engineer, Reed Black (Solange, Imagine Dragons, Karen O). She has collaborated with Leesta Vall Sound (direct-to-vinyl live recordings) and was featured in a year-long photography project by Abby Moskowitz, whose “Women’s Series” will culminate in a book and art exhibit in Spring 2020.  Her full length album “BLUEST SKY, DARKEST EARTH” is available on all music platforms. Her first EP, recorded under the name “SILVA”, was an EDM collaboration with DJ Sizigi-13.  

BLUEST SKY, DARKEST EARTH was also Produced and Engineered by Reed Black at Vinegar Hill Sound in Brooklyn, NY. Jennifer Silva’s next full length record is slated to release in Summer 2020.